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End of Builders Cleaners

There may be hidden beauty beneath, but after a building project, it’s hard to see it through the layer of plaster dust. The best way to reveal the fruits of all that hard work is to book My Cleaners to take care of your after builders cleaning in Hemel Hempstead.

End of Builders Cleaners for Domestic Clients or Construction Firms

This service can be booked by building companies who want to hand over a perfectly presented piece of work, or by domestic clients who’ve hired builders directly. Either way, the details are broadly the same:

  • This work is priced at an hourly rate, the usual minimum service is two cleaners for four hours
  • Post builders cleaners in Hemel Hempstead bring their own equipment
  • Provision of detergents, including specialist products for paint, plaster and varnish removal are included in the price
  • Additional work such as carpet cleaning can be added, you’ll be offered a discounted rates when combining services

My Cleaners’ After Builders Cleaning in Hemel Hempstead will be Tailored to your Needs

The cleaning required will depend very much on the nature of the construction work completed and the type of property in which it’s been done:

Large construction projects – End of builders cleaners working after a new build generally need to focus on removal of fine dust, lifting plaster and paint from hard surfaces, deep cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, and cleaning windows. Construction waste removal is also an option.

Domestic building work In an occupied and furnished property, post builders cleaning may include much of the work described above but with an element of spring cleaning added in. Plaster dust really does get everywhere, so if you need someone to deep clean kitchen cupboards and shelves inside and out that can be arranged. In fact, whatever you need to restore your home from building site to comfortable abode can be accommodated. It’s just a case of telling us what you need!

The Tools, The Experience and a Can-Do Attitude

Your after builders cleaners team from My Cleaners Hemel Hempstead arrive with everything needed to turn a construction site back into a livable property. This includes specialist detergents to lift varnish and paint without damaging surfaces and industrial vacuum cleaners with super-fine filters to trap the most minute of dust particles.

Your cleaners in Hemel Hempstead will be experienced workers, trained and certified to deal with the cleaning challenges building work presents. Armed with this training they bring a ‘can-do, will-do’ attitude and the intention of working hard through the time you’ve paid them for.

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