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Treat Rugs to the Best Carpet Cleaning

You’ll be amazed how much difference a freshly cleaned carpet makes to the look and feel of a room. And if you’re going to do it at all, you might as well do it properly. The best way to do that is to set up your carpet cleaning in Hemel Hempstead with My Cleaners.

Why Professional Carpet Cleaners Get Better Results

When you book specialist carpet cleaners in Hemel Hempstead from My Cleaners you’ll benefit from:

  • A choice of hot water extraction or dry cleaning techniques
  • Trained and certified technicians who’ll select the best cleaning method for your rug, carpet or upholstery cleaning
  • Access to high-grade equipment which offers deeper cleaning and reduced drying times
  • The option to get multiple pieces cleaned at the same time and benefit from discounted rates

A Start to Finish Guide to Carpet Cleaning in Hemel Hempstead

When you call – You’ll be asked a few questions about the rug cleaning you’re looking for. If you know the composition of the piece that’s helpful. Don’t worry if you don’t, your carpet cleaners will be able to assess that when they come. You’ll decide how many pieces you want cleaned and book an appointment for the day and time that suits you.

When the cleaners arrive – They’ll assess the carpets and decide on the most suitable cleaning technique. Your cleaners may conduct a test for colourfastness in a concealed place on delicate fabrics. Stains are pre-treated before the main carpet cleaning is completed to ensure the most even final result.

Upholstery cleaning is also available – My Cleaners in Hemel Hempstead use industrial quality equipment which extracts up to 90% of the moisture. This reduces drying times. If you need full use of a room back quickly your cleaners can provide air blowers which will further speed up the drying process. You may also be offered Scotchgard stain protection for carpets or upholstery. This protects fabrics and guards against staining in the event of future spillages.

My Cleaners Hemel Hempstead Fabric Cleaning Brings Health Benefits Too

The detergents used for your service are provided by Prochem. They’re hypo-allergenic and non-toxic, so safe to use in homes where children or pets are present. Prochem carpet detergents are environmentally friendly too.

Getting the carpets cleaned improves the appearance of any room. It also reduces levels of hidden dust, dirt, and mites which can cause problems for asthma suffers.

Finally, soft floor coverings and fabrics are places where bacteria, fungal spores and viruses can linger. Carpet and fabric cleaning reduces this microbial load so that you and your family have a more healthy environment to live in.

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