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Guaranteed End of Tenancy Cleaning in Hemel Hempstead

There’s no place for the dirt to hide in an empty property. On the positive side, there’s nothing to get in the way when you sweep through the place. But, when you’re moving, you have more important things to do than clean your old home. That’s where My Cleaners’ end of tenancy cleaning in Hemel Hempstead comes in handy.

Move Out Cleaners in Hemel Hempstead Who Guarantee the Quality of their Work

It’s important to tenants and landlords alike that a property that’s been rented out is prepared for its new occupants as quickly as possible. Both are welcome to book this service take advantage of:

  • Fixed price move out cleaning in Hemel Hempstead
  • Work completed according to a standard check-list
  • Extra tasks, such as carpet cleaning or external window cleaning can be added by agreement
  • Cleaning teams who are available seven days a week

How End of Lease Cleaning Works

This service is designed around the jobs which are generally agreed to be the responsibility of the outgoing tenant. It’s booked and delivered in a very specific way.
When you get in touch You’ll be asked when the planned move-out date is. End of tenancy cleaning can only be done once personal possessions have been removed. The price is based on the size and layout of the property and includes labour and provision of all cleaning materials and equipment. The customer advisor you speak to will answer any questions you have about exactly which jobs are covered. If there’s anything you need doing that isn’t on the list it can be added.

On the day of service – My Cleaners’ end of lease cleaning is completed by a team. They’ll arrive at the appointed time and work their way through all the jobs on the list. The cleaners in Hemel Hempstead check each job off as it’s done. You’ll get a message to tell you when your work is complete, you then have 48 hours to arrange for a landlord’s inspections. If there’s anything that doesn’t meet expectations your team will return to reclean at no extra charge.

Making Moving Less Stressful For Everyone

It’s often said that moving home is one of the most stressful experiences. Perhaps less appreciated is that a change of tenants and the work that accompanies this can also be stressful for landlords. We can’t remove all the stress of moving of course, but if you choose My Cleaners for your end of tenancy cleaning in Hemel Hempstead at least there will be one job that you can tick off your list, safe in the knowledge that it’s in reliable and trustworthy hands.

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