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The Next Best Thing to a New Cooker!

However carefully you wipe down an oven after use, grease gets into cracks and crevices and getting rid of it is a messy, time-consuming job. There is a better way. Book oven cleaning in Hemel Hempstead from My Cleaners and let experts with equipment you wouldn’t invest in yourself take care of your oven. This service really is the next best thing to a new cooker!

The Benefits of Choosing Specialist Deep Oven Cleaning

Booking My Cleaners to clean your oven has a number of advantages:

  • The cooker is dismantled, and individual components are soaked in a dip tank
  • Scrubbing and scouring is minimised which protects against scratching
  • Dip-tank cleaning is very quick, it takes less than an hour to clean a typical domestic cooker
  • No toxic chemicals are used, making this a pet, child and environmentally friendly cleaning method

My Cleaners’ Oven Cleaning in Hemel Hempstead for Domestic and Commercial Customers

This service is equally suited to domestic and commercial environments:

Domestic cooker cleaning – As a homeowner, you’ll appreciate the care taken to keep your kitchen spotless while treating your cooker. Your oven cleaners lay protective sheets down before setting up the dip-tank. Individual components are soaked while the main body of the appliance is cleaned manually. When everything is degreased it is dried off, the oven is reassembled polished and checked. Then the team cleans up after themselves before they go.

Commercial cooker cleaning – Book deep oven cleaners in Hemel Hempstead from My Cleaners for a service that meets the highest of health and hygiene standards. All technicians are trained, tested and certified in the use of the equipment used to cleanse ovens, cookers and hobs. This technique is suitable for classic ovens, warming ovens, and a range of other large cooking appliances. Oven technicians are available seven days a week and cover a long working day, so it’s easy to arrange an appointment outside of your business hours.

Making Your Kitchen More Hygienic, Safer and A More Pleasant Working Environment

The hygiene benefits of keeping your cooking appliances spotless are obvious but the benefits of professional oven cleaning go beyond this. Removing every trace of dirt and debris reduces fire risk and means that your oven will work more efficiently. The solution used in the dip-tank is odourless and non-toxic so food cooked in your cleaned oven will taster fresh, with no taint from nasty chemicals.

And finally, there’s you. If you have any love of cooking at all, we can promise that you’ll find your baking and roasting far more pleasurable when you’re doing them in a pristine cooker!

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