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Better Window Cleaning in Hemel Hempstead

No ladders. No buckets. No smears And no invasion of your privacy! There’s a whole load of things that you won’t have to worry about when you choose My Cleaners for your window cleaning in Hemel Hempstead.

And the positives are just as exciting as the negatives.

Cleaner windows, clean sills and clean frames too. And it’s all done from the ground, making this a safe and economical way to get your glass sparkling.

How My Cleaners Delivers Faster, Safer Window Cleaning

Industry-leading equipment and cleaners from Hemel Hempstead with the training to use it correctly eliminate all the annoying features of traditional window cleaning:

  • Whenever possible, upper-storey windows are cleaned using a water-fed pole, so the cleaners stay on the ground
  • Working from the ground is safer and faster, and you’ll never spot the cleaners peering through your bedroom windows!
  • Your cleaners use distilled water, which is a powerful cleaning agent so there’s the need for detergents
  • No detergent means no smears and run-off water is pure so this technique is environmentally sound and garden-friendly too

Booking and Using Window Cleaners in Hemel Hempstead

When you get in touch The customer assistant you speak too will ask about the property where you’d like the windows cleaned and the access to it. This will enable them to determine if water-fed-pole cleaning is best for you. If access from the road is limited, the building is very high, or if you have wooden window surrounds it’s likely that you’ll be offered a different cleaning method. Once the details are worked out and you’ve said how many windows you’d like cleaned you’ll get a free quotation. Window cleaners work seven days a week so there’s bound to be an appointment available that suits you.

Your window cleaners – Will arrive with a tank of water and extendable poles, or whatever equipment is required for the service you’ve selected. They’ll work quickly, efficiently and with an eye to safety for yourself, and any passers-by if your cleaning takes place from an open street. As you’d expect, window cleaning in Hemel Hempstead is completed under full public and employer’s liability insurances.

Commercial and Domestic Clients Welcome

This service is available to both domestic and commercial clients. Both internal and external glass cleaning are available. Initially, you may like to try this service as a one-off. That’s just fine. Once you’ve seen for yourself how easy this service is to use, and what great results you get, you’re welcome to set up a regular window cleaning schedule.

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